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Mandatory Groups

Information Group

All members of the fan club are united here. This group is used to pass on information from the board to the members and, consequently, nobody else should post there so as not to dilute information.


There are now numerous section groups that serve to organize and structure the individual sections of the association. These are:

Section Group North

The North Section is one of the sections that have been involved since the Tremonia Bullfrogs were founded. This section is home to all Bullfrogs who live north of North Rhine-Westphalia but not in the new federal states: Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein.


Section Group East

The East Section has also been there since the Tremonia Bullfrogs were launched. The east includes all members residing in the new federal states, i.e. Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and Thuringia. Some of our most active and best members have their roots here.


Section Group South

The South Section, like the other three German section groups, has existed since the Tremonia Bullfrogs were founded. The South section is home to some of our most active members in away games. All members south of North Rhine-Westphalia who do not belong to the new federal states come to the south section. Anyone who is permanently resident in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Baden-Württemberg or Bavaria is part of this section.


Section Group West

The West Section has existed since the Tremonia Bullfrogs were founded. It is accordingly strong in terms of the number of members. Since the west section is also home to the temple, it is not surprising that this section is also the epicenter of the Tremonia Bullfrogs. Within the west section there are of course larger groups in Dortmund itself, as well as the entire Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. A strongly represented faction comes from the Sauerland. Geographically, this section completely covers North Rhine-Westphalia.


Section Group Austria

One of our largest sections and at the same time one of the two Alpine republics is the Austria section. We receive a large part of our Tikets from this section, which is why the boys and girls in this section are an important part of the Tremonia Bullfrog network. We look forward to active participation and numerous members in this region!


Section Group Switzerland

The second of the two Alpine republics of the Tremonia Bullfrogs is our section Switzerland. Anyone with their roots in Switzerland and their home in Signal-Iduna Park is a member of this section, which is home to some of our most loyal members.


Section Group Netherlands

Although the Netherlands is geographically closer to the epicenter of German football than some of our long-established and established sections, for example in the Far East, this section is our younger ones. In 2019, we looked for cooperation with a few like-minded Dutch, found and took the step and launched the section.


Section Group France

The France section has been in existence since the foundation of the Tremonia Bullfrogs and is one of the most important sections of our association. The founding idea was born and supported here, among other things, and so the Section France was and is not only the first of the foreign-language sections but also one of our most loyal and supporting sections, which can also shine with a large number of members.


Section Group Great Britain

Our buddies from the island find their home in the section Great Britain. This section is one of the first expansion sections and was launched when the first members from the United Kingdom joined the Tremonia Bullfrogs in 2017. Anyone who comes from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland is at home here. Even if the English and Scots are not always green - with us they wear the same colors: black and yellow!


Section Group South Europe

All Southern European Bullfrogs are in this section. This section basically covers all countries south of the Alps, e.g. Spain, Portugal or Italy. In addition, all Turkish, Greek and Kosovar Bullfrogs find a home here - to name just a few. Our overseas friends such as Mexicans and Latinos will also find their home here.


Section Group Indonesia

Our first Asian section and at the same time a great success story is the Indonesia section, which comprises a large number of very loyal and loyal, ambitious members. Despite the great distance, we are happy about the lively exchange and great commitment of our black and yellow friends from Asia. It is nice to see the pride with which our members of the Indonesia section wear the bullfrog.


Section Group Malaysia

The Malaysia section has been an official part of the Tremonia Bullfrogs multinational network since December 2018. All our Malaysian friends will find their place here and we look forward to every new entry in this section.


Section Group Seychelles

In this section, our brothers and sisters whose residence is the archipelago of the same name in the Indian Ocean find a home. In addition to Indonesia and Malaysia, this section is the third in the immediate vicinity of the equator and has been part of the black and yellow Bullfrog network since January 2020.


Section GroupSpain

In our Spain section, all Bullfrogs find a home that not only share the black and yellow colors but also the Spanish mother tongue. This section unites a large number of members who belong to the constantly growing, international Bullfrogs network.


Section Group Central America

Centroamérica - The heart of the black and yellow Bullfrog continent with members from Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. This section has been an integral part of the Bullfrogs network since mid-2020.


Section Group South America

From the Andes to Cap Horn a black and yellow Bullfrogs continent with members from many countries in the continent of the southern hemisphere. This section has been part of the Bullfrogs community since mid-2020.


Section Group Mexico

The descendants of the Aztecs also honor the frog cult and have black and yellow blood. This section has been part of the international Bullfrogs network since mid-2020.


Section Group Brazil

Not only the Sugarloaf Ball wizards are yellow, the members of our Brazil section also have black and yellow blood in their veins. Brazil has been black and yellow since mid-2020.


Section Group Ethiopia

The largest section of the Tremonia Bullfrogs on the black and yellow continent is called Ethiopia. Not only because of the climate our boys anf girls break a sweat but also when they watch our Borussia games.


Section Group Ecuador

The condor with its strength and size is not only the symbol of the Ecuadorian animal world, but also symbolizes the virtues of BVB with its imposing nature. Our section there is just as enthusiastic about BVB as the more than 50 volcanoes in the country.


Section Group Honduras

Honduras is not only the best and largest coffee manufacturer in Central America in terms of quality and quantity, but also when it comes to football, the Hondureños only like the best quality, which is why they choose BVB and Tremonia Bullfrogs in this regard.


Section Group El Salvador


Section Group Guatemala


Section Group Japan


Section Group Nicaragua


Section Group Uruguay


Section Group Gambia


Section Group Poland


Section Group Colombia


Section Group Peru


Section Group Costa Rica


Section Group Sudan


Section Group Argentina


Section Group Botswana


Section Group USA


Section Group Panama


Section Group Cameroon


Section Group Egypt


In the mandatory groups, the section heads and their representatives coordinate the respective section in strict consultation and cooperation with the board.

Optional Groups

Discussion Group Group

Here every member is allowed to write and discuss everything about the fan club, our club and everything that has to do with football, but we make a point of staying apolitical and also any form of gross insult, as well as pornographic are prohibited and will be punished, In addition to the board that pays attention to the discussion hygiene within the groups, we have specially commissioned 2 moderators to ensure that the two main groups "Info" and "Discussion" ensure compliance with the rules provided there.


Spam Group France

Our French members have opened their own along the lines of the German spam group in order to spare the section group France unnecessary spam.


Tremonia Brotherhood International

This is our international spam group, in which all nationalities of Bullfrogs meet for the black and yellow exchange of ideas. The communication here is exclusively in English.


Merchandise and Web Group

Especially for our homepage and our fan club utensils we have a group in which new innovations and structures are discussed and implemented, we have a merchandise officer and a web administrator in the fan club, who mainly deal with them.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Board Group

The board meets in this group for advice, making appointments or planning.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Section Leader Group

There the board meets with the section heads, their representatives, the moderators, the merchandise officer, the cashier, the ticket officer and the web administrator to find out common projects or procedures.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Moderator Group

In this group, the group moderators exchange ideas and coordinate their procedures and actions.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Meeting Group

In this group, the board invites members who either made a particularly good impression or, which is less nice, gave a reason for admonition, and a solution is then sought together with the board, including members who will have an innovative suggestion for improvement received and listened to here.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Kicker Group

All Bullfrogs who want to kick actively meet in this group, here we make appointments with other fan clubs for friendlies.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Fifa-Group

We have created this group for our virtual soccer friends so that they can maintain contact with other members in their free time.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Ticket Group

Since we, as a new fan club, despite our size, will only receive tickets from BVB from 2020, we are forced to keep our finger on the pulse of the time via the secondary market to generate tickets, so we have 3 extra people who are always on the lookout to provide as many members as possible with tickets. You can apply for tickets at the request of the board in the info group via a personal message to the board, which will insert the prospect into the ticket group, where the member will be ranked, the higher the ranking, the better the chance Get ticket. There are ranking points for active participation in the fan club, membership time in the club, number of fan club utensils, participation in fan club activities and many other things.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Matchday Group

Everyone who was lucky enough to get a ticket will be transferred from the ticket group to the matchday group, where the other participants in the game who already have a ticket or a season ticket are waiting for you, so you can see at a glance which members will be at the game and can organize the joint meetings accordingly.


Tremonia Bullfrogs No-Limits

In contrast to the spam group, all topics that do not violate our articles of association are allowed here, every topic is welcome and there are no moderators here, but articles that comply with the articles of association are mandatory.


Tremonia Bullfrogs Ranking Points

The membership ranking, which is decisive for receiving incentives, is determined on the basis of a defined point system. (e.g. first right to tickets)


The way of awarding points is not arbitrary, but follows a transparent point system:


Tremonia Bullfrogs On Tour

This group is used to organize our trips abroad..


Tremonia Bullfrogs EarthQuake(r)

Our loudest and most drinkable supporters are in this group. The equivalent of the Bullfrogs to the south grandstand metaphorically.


Tremonia Youngfrogs

Here are our members under teh age of 26. The youth organize themselves here, build up the Bullfrogs identification and prepare for the upcoming tasks.


Tremonia Inclusion Group

All bullfrogs with mental, physical, mental or sensory disabilities come together here, as well as socially committed bullfrogs and the board.


Frog helps Frog

In this group, fan club members help each other, be it the tax return, moving house or help the younger ones with an exam, any request can be made here and willing helpers give a short signal to the group and then clarify the matter via PN.


Tremonia Bullfrog Audiog Group

In this group the Bullfrogs can not only communicate in writing, but also verbally and post their goal celebrations or whatever they want live. The only exceptions are insults to one another and politics. Both are punished after being warned to be kicked out of the group.


With the exception of the dedicated audio group, audio messages are undesirable in all groups. Videos and pictures related to the games can be posted in the matchday groups or in the discussion group, if it has to do with football or in the group without rules. In the latter, videos and images on all other topics of the world, with the exception of politics, may also be posted.

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